Max Lane

Not to be mistaken for the retired NFL player and more inspired by the academic/writer of the same name, Max Lane sets out to twist found sounds within broody beatscapes.

A project still at its infant stage, the pastiche of sounds has been getting through to discerning ears in Singapore, the airwaves of New York and gathering peculiar interests from Australia.

The mind and the hands behind Max Lane is one of the co-founders of the elusive upp/circular collective. Being part of the self-absorbed They-Create-You-Tolerate movement, Max Lane insists on flirting with low end frequencies and paving the path of global sounds with clove cigarettes ash till the next batch of aural weapons of mass destruction is found. He is the secret jester indeed.

upp/circular collective
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    About us
    SYNDICATE is the most forward thinking music & visual super-collective in Singapore. It is set to deconstruct and reassemble sound concepts & visual ideas with live performances and installations set in various spaces & contexts.

    SYNDICATE performs every first Saturday of the month @ Home Club.